Why hand dryers are the best for washroom hygiene!

Gurmeet Chauhan
3 min readJul 30, 2021
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The hand dryer is slowly becoming the favourite among us. Yes! It has nothing to do with the fact that it saves a lot of time. Now there is a reason why you have been touching a hand dryer while in a public washroom. Yes, the best for washroom hygiene!

Hand dryers are a total game changer. It turns out they are more effective than other means for ensuring cleanliness in the washroom. We give you the reason and evidence.

Hand dryers are the perfect tool for this, and the perfect excuse to crack open that champagne you’ve been saving. Now, you don’t have to worry about splashing unwanted germs on your clothes because you know they’ll be clean by the time they hit the washroom floor.

If the thought of dryers makes you want to leave the washroom and not come back for some days, you might want to reconsider. The dryer may have done a lot of work, but all it takes is a single change of paper towels or a few minutes for a paper throw, forget it. It’s hard to clean things when you are gone.

Why hand dryers are better for public washrooms than automatic flushes:

The reason for you visiting a public washroom every other day is to quickly do your business and not linger. The last thing you want is for other people to touch your germy hands. So, think of hand dryers like a fast and powerful security guard to safeguard your germs from those in the vicinity of the washroom. The dryer ensures that no one else comes near your hands that might have your germs.

Hand dryers are silent in nature. This means that they cannot draw any attention towards themselves, and can be installed anywhere in the washroom. Automatic flushes are good for public washrooms because they make noise and draw attention to themselves. It is also a known fact that they are not effective in keeping germs away, especially when they are used frequently. In the same way, a quick glance in the mirror and wiping with the paper towel is not going to help in this case either.

The best part about jet hand dryers is that they are portable, so if you have to take a leak somewhere, you can use a hand dryer.

Here’s one more way that we can turn the hand dryer into a silent security guard. We could be able to train our hand dryers to whistle and keep others away from our germy hands. In case they try to sneak a peek at our hands, they’d never get the chance, since they’d be busy hearing the pleasant whistling sound of a hand dryer.

These are some of the simple changes that we can make to ensure we make the best use of the hand dryer. The washrooms would be the most hygienic, healthier and easier to clean than ever before!



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