Blockchain and NFTs are turning gamers into Investors

Gurmeet Chauhan
3 min readJun 7, 2021

Blockchain and non fungible tokens have transformed the gaming industry like never before. The decentralization of the gaming industry has brought forth some transformational change. Until the Blockchain impacted our life, the functioning of the gaming industry was highly centralized. All the information, in-game money, and property were confined to the sports from which it originated, and the entire authority lay in the hands of the builders of the game. But with the advent of Blockchain the decentralization of Blockchain, the way in-game apps used to function changed.

How is Blockchain changing the gaming future?

It is important to address this question in the modern scenario. As the Blockchain continues to impact business operations, it also started to influence the gaming world. The decentralization of the gaming segment, unlike the conventional mode, Blockchain-based gaming allows the player to use the objects gained for a single recreation that could be transferred and utilized in other game segments. These objects are transferable, thus placing real-world worth on the digital in-game property.

Well, a lot has been talked about non-fungible tokens. But the question that it has raised is whether it is here to status or not. The fact of the matter is that the way Blockchain and NFTs are finding application in the real world of gaming ensured its longevity.

There are some big names in the gaming world that are now investing in Blockchain and are implementing this technology to make the gaming experience even better. One such example is Taito, it is a Japanese video game company which is known for its games like Bubble Bobble, Space Invaders, and the recent one Next Gaming and Celer Network, are planning to bring the arcade game to Blockchain. Thus the players can compete in a face-off and put real money at stake. Since Blockchain connects the two parties directly, the amount distribution becomes fair and transparent.

Another popular name Atari also announced its foray into the world of NFT by creating an entire division that is dedicated to Blockchain.

The next on the list is PlayStation that has been working on The Six Dragon. The players can explore more than 300 items; they can sell them or trade them or keep them with them to strengthen their characters. This trading takes place on Ethereum Blockchain, thus making it the first company to release the mainstream gaming platform to use NFTs.

Besides, the decentralization of gaming also guarantees complete data security. Since everything is transparent and all the data of the players is encrypted cryptographically, the gaming platforms become far more secure than they were otherwise.


This implementation of Blockchain technology has led to the rise in the demand for professionals who can render this technology and also ensure seamless integration of Blockchain to the gaming platforms.

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